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That old pair of jeans

Jeans are by far the most comfortable things to wear. and they come in various colours....blahblahblah
basically we buy lots of clothes
we buy clothes from the day we are born.. and we need to keep buying coz we keep growing innit(tanyas going to kill me for this, sids going to love me)
same holds for jeans.. the sizes keep increasing 20-22-24-26-28-30-32 and so on.
the thing is that there comes a time when a single pair of jeans lasts a long time coz you stopped growing that much
and you really love that pair of jeans and you want to wear it all the time coz its just so nice. so you wear and the first few times you get it drycleaned coz the washing instructions on the inside label said so and you want them to stay new. and after that you realise its okay to let go and let it be washed in the washing machine. so it starts fading away. with every wash it fades, and the first few washes are really hard to digest coz you can see it fading away and you dont want it to. and then you reach the compromise.
After the first few years you feel the jeans ARE old and you go out to buy new ones, and you do, and you realise that its not the same.. the new jeans just arent as good as the previous ones and so you just go back to wearing the old ones.. you can see them starting to wear out, and it actually makes you feel nice.. the look of faded worn out jeans..
and then people start nagging you, keep telling you to stop wearing those jeans coz theyre too old or worn out. but you dont want to, coz its special.. its a part of who you are.. youve been through so much together, you just cant let it go. and you wear it even more just to make those people mad.. ahh the satisfaction that brings.

its almost like life innit(POW!)
there are things you dont want to let go but have to and move on to different things.. atleast try to until you realise that its just isnt as great as before and then you go back.. or try to. nostalgia..
i dont want to grow up.. pfft

lundi, juin 02, 2008

Special update for the kids

BA Maths v/s BSc. maths
so im not quite sure how many are going to read this, and how helpful this is going to be
but anyway
So, those who want to get admission into Stephens, or any other decent college in DU, this is for you
First of all, Have a decent Percentage in the boards. like a 92% in the best of four.. only SRCC does not take computers in the best of four.
anyway, for those wanting to do mathematics hons.. its a great course. you have the same openings as those for eco honours..
PLEASE REMEMBER THE FOLLOWING- DO NOT, i repeat, DO NOT, ever, do bsc maths. its hopeless, you have to attend boring science classes, even though they dont count towards the end, but you still need to pass all your science papers, and attend practicals.. basically with science, you'll be held up till 430 doing practicals almost everyday.
TAKE UP BA MATHS. its easier, you just have to do a few extra subjects which count, but its not that hard. and life is slightly easier and youre able to participate more. Stephens has a great maths faculty, trust me on that.
Eco honours, is good too. Stephens doesnt have the greatest eco faculty, or so ive heard. the eco people are forever cribbing over Raghu not giving them marks, and half the class failing in each test, etc.
Other colleges i dont know, but Hansraj has the best faculty, followed by SRCC/stephens(almost equal), Hindu comes next i guess.. the list goes on
Thats pretty much all i have to say on that.. i dont know about the other courses
Good luck kids